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140,000+ New Healthcare Staff Are Needed To Fulfill The Shortage In Canada In The Next 10 Years.
ipartner staffing

We Provide Highly Qualified Healthcare Staff For Today's Demanding Health Industry. Our Healthcare Staffing Industry Experts Supply, Support And Cultivate Capable And Qualified Talent That Healthcare Organizations Retain.

iPartner Staffing supports the need of long-term care homes, retirement homes, community care providers, hospitals and other institutions requiring permanent clinical or non-clinical staff. Our permanent, interim and temporary staffing support models are tried and true.

Over our 10+ years of experience we have partnered with numerous medical, long-term care, and community health facilities to fullfill the need of essential workers in a seamless, client/resident focused way to ensure continuity of staff.

ipartner staffing
iPartner Staffing

COVID-19 Pandemic Has Created A Large Shortage Of Healthcare Staffing Around The World And We Are Helping To Fill This Gap.

Leading The Way For A Safer Tomorrow

Heros To Fight COVID-19,
Now Hiring Medical Staff

Our comprehensive approach to staffing ensures a variety of temporary, long-term or permanent clinical and support staff and on-demand nursing and personal support workers are available to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our dedicated staff are available to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Our proven recruitment and retention plans are driven by a goal to achieve an additional 20% to 25% staff capacity than what is required by our existing commitments in order to achieve high fill rates.

  • Frontline Nursing
  • Frontline Caregivers
ipartner staffing
iPartner Staffing

We Focus On The Wellbeing Of Communities By Matching Excellent Healthcare Staff In Areas Of High Demand.

iPartner Staffing

Health care industries we serve.

Public & Private Hospitals

The demand for hospital health care staff is on the rise. Since the start of the pandemic our staffing services are in full force to fulfill essential frontline workers needs. We are here to support.

Medical Clinics

From family physicians to specialists clinics, we have staff trained well for their needs. Whether it is health care administration service or full service nurse we got your covered

Speciality Clinics

Experienced speciality healthcare workers are our biggest demands. We offer qualified staff for speciality clinics such as dental, labs, diagnostic imaging, plastic surgery and school health support.

Wellness & Rehab Clinics

Our staffing solutions also help the need for physical wellness support in sports injury, rehab clinics and chiropractic centers, these health care staff are well trained in these fields

Private Health Care

The demand for private in-home health care is growing, we offer in-house placements for health workers to support patients in their residence or while traveling.

Seniors & Long term Care

We pride ourselves in offering a full range of seniors and long term nursing care services for those with physical, medical, memory impairment or old age support.

ipartner staffing
iPartner Staffing

We Invest In Our Staff To Fuel Their Growth, And Diversify Staffing Models Of Our Clients to promote Stability.

ipartner staffing
iPartner Staffing

Our Staffing Services

Health Care Support

We offer the following healthcare staffing services. Our staff are professionals in their respective areas fully vetted for experience and certification.

  • PSW
    Personal Support Worker
  • HSW
    Home Support Worker
  • RN
    Registered Nurse
  • RPN
    Registered Practical Nurse
ipartner staffing

Health Care Support

Our Healthcare Staffing & Recruiting services help a variety of organizations hire and retain essential workers. Our nursing talent and personal support workers undergo in-depth background checks to ensure quality.

  • Home Care
  • Retirement Homes
  • Long-Term Care Homes
  • Hospitals & Clinics
ipartner staffing

Our Process

We have comprehensive, scalable and custom hiring solutions that optimize talent strategy to give you a competitive advantage. We implement the best solution for your organization.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Permanent Staffing
  • International Recruitment
  • Temporary Relief Staffing
ipartner staffing

International Recruitment

Extend your reach and benefit from a broad network of qualified candidates from around the world. Our international recruitment strategy delivers qualified foreign-educated health care staff.

  • Education Credentials Verified
  • Excellent Language Proficiency
  • Ready-to-work Status
  • Highly Versatile
ipartner staffing
iPartner Staffing

Canada will need another 60,000 nurses by 2022 to fulfill its demand

$5.4 BN.

Home health care is a 5.4-billion-dollar industry and it is projected to surpass all other care categories.


Canadians aged 65 and older account for about 45% of total national spending on healthcare and expected to increase.


Health care staffing is expected to rise an annualized 4.9% to 78,711 workers over the five years to 2020.


The Annual Growth in home health care has grown 6.3% from 2015-2020.

ipartner staffing
iPartner Staffing

We Invest In Our Staff To Fuel Their Growth, And Diversify Staffing Models Of Our Clients For Stability.

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